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Business Accelerator Program

Our business accelerator programme offers a bespoke approach to propel your business to new heights through intensive business coaching. This is a 3 month program with a focus on personalised attention, we provide weekly one-to-one calls where we delve into your business’s strategy, address challenges, and outline tasks for the upcoming week, ensuring consistent progress.

Our comprehensive support covers all facets of your business, from marketing and operations to growth strategies. Each month, you’ll receive a detailed report tracking your achievements and highlighting areas for improvement. As an application-only programme, we prioritise working with dedicated entrepreneurs ready to commit to their business’s success.

The journey begins with a discovery call, where we assess your needs and goals to craft a roadmap for transformative growth. Join us and unlock the full potential of your business.

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3 X pAYMENTS OF £1 000


1 X PAYMENT OF £2 700

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The primary goal of the business accelerator program is to provide the necessary resources, guidance, and support to facilitate rapid growth and development for participating businesses.

Tailored coaching sessions form the cornerstone of this support, wherein experienced mentors provide personalised guidance, advice, and strategies to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the business.

The business accelerator program is open to a wide range of businesses across various industries and sectors. While the specific criteria for eligibility may vary depending on the program, a common focus is on businesses that demonstrate potential for innovation and scalability.

Participants in the accelerator program undergo a thorough evaluation process, during which various criteria are considered to ensure the selection of businesses with the highest potential for success

Participants in the accelerator program benefit from a multifaceted support system designed to foster their growth and development. One of the primary components of this support is one-on-one coaching.

The Business Accelerator Program is a 12-week intensive and immersive experience designed to turbocharge the growth and development of participating businesses.

Our mentors have navigated the intricate challenges of entrepreneurship firsthand, honing their skills and insights through years of trial and error.

As an active member of our business coaching program you have 12 months access to our library of resources including video, best practice guides and worksheets.

At the end of your coaching program we will collaboratively evaluate success set against pre- determined KPIs, at this stage we will review progress and set out a roadmap of continued support if required.

All of our coaching programs support payment plans – payment can be made monthly spread equally across the duration of the program. When paying in full you are automatically eligible for a 10% discount.