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Search Engine Optimisation

Are you concerned about the performance of your company website?
Finding out what is hindering your websites performance is the key to getting results online.

Our Search Engine Optimisation audits packages are designed to give you the best options to show you how healthy your website is and how well it is performing in search engine rankings.

Our SEO team only needs read-only access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, for the duration of the audit. We will then be able to complete the SEO Audit, create a detailed report along with a list of action items – highlighting the most pertinent improvements to be made in order to improve your SEO.

Content Optimisation

Our content optimisation process is comprehensive from Internal Links, Optimised (& Tagged) H1 through to Optimised URL.

Link Profile

A link profile is the makeup of links directing to your site. Google will always favour a website with links from a variety of sites as well as high-authority sites.

Security & Accessibility

By making your web pages accessible to everyone, you’re boosting your chances of being found in search - a good structure is the foundation to accessibility.

Keyword Research

Identifying the correct focus keyword is crucial for success - from best practice is to include latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords.

Mobile Responsiveness

Having a mobile responsive design is fundamental to a successful SEO strategy. Google is now prioritizing mobile sites to provide better results for mobile devices.

Technical Analyses

Technical aspects of SEO are often overlooked - our experienced SEO experts review every detail of your website structure in order to enhance your visibility.

SEO Consultancy

Our SEO consultants specialise in creating website SEO strategies based on search keyword volume and phrase to support your brand.Our SEO experts will manage the SEO strategy in producing supporting pages for your content.


Technical SEO refers to the improvement of technical operations of a website in order to increase the page rankings in the search engines.  This includes increasing the speed of your website, improving the crawl efficiency of your website and making it more understandable for search engines.