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PPC & Google Ads

PPC or Pay Per Click is the advertising of products or services on a search engine`s landscape, your ad position and cost per click is influenced by a number of factors. We adopt best-practice PPC methods to ensure that we get the most out of your PPC & Google Ads campaign.

Paid Search & return on investment go hand in hand like tea and scones. There is no other advertising channel that you can measure return on investment as accurately as you can on the search space.  As a business, if you do not have the skill set, experience, time or resource to do all of the below; running a PPC & Google Ads campaign in-house is a risky strategy and will inevitably turn out to be a costly exercise with minimal exposure.


We marry technical, creative and analytical skills to deliver innovative campaigns. These 3 essential skill sets allow us to deliver campaigns that are technically sound, creative copy/messaging and making decisions backed by data for campaign refinement.

Data Driven Decisions

We use in-house tools as well as 3rd party tools to gather valuable data to make informed decisions for campaign refinement such as bespoke Google Analytics, and conversion optimisation tools such as heat mapping to analyse user behaviour.

Diverse Campaigns

Who and where? We will assess your audience online before we strategies and develop an appropriate form of engagement. Engagement could be via search engine advertising, social media or display advertising platforms – all great for brand exposure.

Conversion Optimisation

Attracting an audience is one thing, getting them to convert is another - with expertise in conversion optimization we can not only attract potential customer but turn them into your customer too!

Google Shopping

Our approach to Google Shopping campaigns is simple – we make decisions based off data; combining detailed customer insight with your business data such as inventory, margins and promotional ranges allows us develop a results driven strategy.

Our Shopping Campaign management approach is to make your budget work harder with a collaborative process. Working closely with your inhouse team we will ensure that we perfect your product feed by understanding every product detail increasing your product visibility. 


Our PPC consultancy services is like having another inhouse team member – whereby every penny spent and every click counts with PPC Campaigns. We identify search term opportunities to deliver the best results while applying our experience and knowledge of managing a diverse portfolio of campaigns.

Each campaign is tailored to your specific KPIs – we continually monitor and optimise your ads/campaigns to ensure the best return on your investment

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